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Art Tech Studio- Testimonials

“You are one of the few guys in the world going beyond the extra mile!!! Mate this is incredible. I am watching the web and I am completly excited – give me some time to get calm – super happy. Thanks is little word.”

— Juan Carlos Cortez
Advantage Maritime


“Thank you Randy for creating such an awesome new web site for us. We like that the SEO was built right in and you took the time to answer all of our questions. We look forward to doing business with you for many years to come!”
–Ron & Jen Conklin
R C Windows & Doors

Thank you Art Tech Studio; you have been the one stop shop for all my business needs from business cards and promotional needs to designing my website with search engine optimization. Your input and creative design has been instrumental in my success as a new business. I look forward to growing my business with your ongoing support. I am now officially a raving fan!!

–Judith Buckland


WE LOVE IT!!!!! This is even better than what we expected. Yeah–Now what?

Martha Denurve
Platinum Rejuvination


“This is exactly what I wanted. Your work is great. I’m going to enter it for an advertising and marketing award.”

Leigh Feldstein
VP of Marketing M/I Homes


Please give your team a huge round of applause and a big thank you from me. Should I send a case of Corona?

Tod Fetherling


Once again you mastered the art of graphic design. Thanks again!

Dr. Randall Shultz


I Love it! Keep up the great work. You made my guys look the best, thank you so much. Great job to the entire team. Thanks again.

Ferrari Acosta
CEO/President 21K Productions


This looks great! We all love it! Thanks!

Andrea Levine
Dr. Michael Levine MD, FACS


“It looks like it costs a lot more than what I paid. This really is terrific, and you don’t charge advertising agency prices.”

Jerry Saperstein
Former Owner of the Harlem Globe Trotters


“Awesome!… The creativity and effectiveness of the web site you have built for me far surpasses’s anything that I could have hoped for or even imagined. Working with your company has been simply inspirational.”

— Bishop Greg Stevenson
The River Church of God


“I received a call for a repair today and it was from a guy that needed work done at his own home who works for a company that designs web sites and such. He said that we were at the top of his search. But, the real reason why he chose us was that he said our site was very professional, neat, clean, and easy to navigate, as well as made sense. He complimented our site and the company/person who created it. I just thought I’d let you know what a person from a professional standpoint told me. I get compliments all the time but, I thought this one was really special. Like I said keep doing what you’re doing.”
— Jennifer Conklin

“Wow! I checked almost all keywords. We are at the top of the page!!!!! I am so happy!! Thanks again! Crazy busy here!! THANKS TO YOU!”

— April Berube
The Wellington Agency