Digital Marketing - Online Marketing


Digital Marketing, also known as Online Marketing, has become one of the most important forms of marketing for many businesses across the country and the world today. It's right up there with SEO for reaching interested buyers. Digital marketing can not only help you reach people who are looking for your services, but it can help you reach people who don't even know they need you.


What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is any type of marketing that uses the Internet and or online or technology based media such as Social Media or cellphones for the purpose of marketing a business. SEO is a form of digital marketing. Digital marketing includes things like Facebook ads, Facebook Pages, Facebook Groups, Marketplace, Facebook Videos, Timeline ads, Messenger, and WhatsApp -- and those are just on the Facebook platform. There are many ways to market your online properties and offline businesses using digital marketing. And, they are comparatively cheap, and can reach a target audience when done correctly.


Who needs digital marketing?

Anyone who runs a business that has a website or uses modern means of communicating needs digital marketing. Digital marketing and traditional marketing go hand in hand to create a super combination of marketing that can make the difference between having a business and have a BUSINESS.