"You are one of the few guys in the world going beyond the extra mile!!! Mate this is incredible. I am watching the web and I am completly excited - give me some time to get calm - super happy. Thanks is little word."

-- Juan Carlos Cortez
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Google Places West Palm Beach


Google Places, formerly known as Google Local, is a very important part of your Internet marketing strategy. If you are a local business that is trying to grow, you will want to take a serious look at what Google is doing for local business today. Google is replacing the traditional Yellow Pages with the way it currently lists local business in the search engine results. Recent changes in the way Google shows organic results often puts local ads in front of the regular results, in a way that makes people see and click on the local results first. Business that formally had first page ranking on Google may find that they are being out-ranked by competitors who rank well on Google Places. Do a search for your industry and see for yourself.

Google Places is directly tied to Mobile Internet listings on cellphones. Once your business is claimed and set-up on Google Places, your business is in many ways automatically Mobile Internet enabled. That means that if someone is using their cellphone to find a local business your listing can show - bringing you even more customers. This Mobile Marketing double bang-for-the-buck is only one reason that Google Places - Google Local is so important. With more than 5 billion cellphones in use today, and smart-phone use growing at an incredible pace, it makes sense to position your business in front of your competition now.

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Even if you don't have a website, we can claim your listing and set up a high ranking Google Places page for your business. Even better results can be had by tying Google Places to a great website. Get your phones ringing, and more traffic to your location today with the newest and fastest-growing form of Internet marketing.

At Art Tech Studio we take Google Places seriously. If you're looking for a Google Places expert in West Palm Beach, you've come to the right place. We know how to get you listed at the top of the first page of these listings. We have a program and a process that will have your business outranking your competition. Call us at 561-358-2259 or contact us today to find out how we can help you increase your business and your bottom-line by being found on the search engines.

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